Star Blazers 2205


2205 AD ── The people of Gamirasu who have left their dying mother star and are starting their migration to the new world of Garman. However, before half of the transfer was completed, Gamirasu was attacked by an unknown enemy and was mercilessly destroyed. A mysterious enemy who is pulling the twin star Iskandar (which deviated from its normal orbit due to an impact) and plans to take it away ── Desaliam, who leads a large fleet of darkness. In order to rescue the surviving 100,000 Gamirasuans and Queen Stasha, who remains in Iskandar, Desler challenges Desaliam with his former nemesis, Space Battleship Yamato. But they didn't know. Beyond that, it is not victory or defeat, but the face of cruel truth ...

©Y.Nishizaki/STARBLAZERS2205 Production Committee


Part 2 -STASHA-

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