Star Blazers 2205


Three years have passed since the battle with the White Comet Empire. Yamato’s Crew continued to search for a new mother star to save the dying Gamirasu people.
President Dessler finds a star that meets the conditions in a section of the Milky Way galaxy; however, it was within the territory of a mighty interstellar nation. The territorial dispute that broke out in the galaxy enveloped the Earth which had a security treaty with Gamirasu. The magic of time faults that gave the earth a military and economic advantage disappeared in exchange for their lives ──
Despite being driven by self-responsibility, Susumu Kodai, who was appointed as the new Captain of Yamato, embarks on a training voyage with the new crew in preparation for an upcoming emergency – without knowing that some of this new crew are aiming for Kodai.

©Y.Nishizaki/STARBLAZERS2205 Production Committee


Part 1 -Take OFF-

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