Shanghai Dragon/Genius Party


The genius creators, that the Japanese animation industry is proud of, gathered at STUDIO 4ºC and created a new party movie called "Genius Party".

In the last half of the past century, a wet-nosed brat, Chinkuro, who loves to draw pictures, lives in the old city of Shanghai. One day, in the kindergarten he goes to, a crater suddenly appears with spark of light. A mysterious stick-shaped stuff that Chinkuro picks up turns out to be a machine called the "substantiation of wishes system", which can materialize what he envisions. Children are very attracted to this mysterious stick. However, a huge enemy that children have never anticipated, appears in front of them!

(C)Genius Party


Premiered on July 7th, 2007


Director/Script:Shoji Kawamori
Storyboard/stage direction:
Toshiyuki Kubooka
Character design,
Animation Director:Shingo Suzuki
Mechanical Design:Shoji Kawamori,
Hiroshi Okubo
Prop Design:Tomoyuki Niho
Art Design/Image Board:Yuji Ikehata
Color Styling/Color,
Assignment/Checking:Shigenobu Kaihoko