Tsubasa Kazanari, Chris Yukine and Hibiki Tachibana 。

Three Girls, from different places, all wear the FG-type power armor called “Symphogear”. Each one of them, forged through destiny and circumstance, finally meet each other for a final battle.

The tower of Ka Dingiru desperately fights to free humanity from the influence of the Babylonian mind control “Lunar” satellite.

For thousand years, pythoness Fine has plotted secretly and tirelessly worked to unify humanity to the original language of God, by destroying the moon.

But the destruction of the moon will also bring disaster to humanity, by upsetting the balance of the gravity on the Earth.

Girls absorbingly sing from their soul and ringing true in their heart and sky against the looming with the threat of the “Lunar Attack” closing in, the girls sing from their hearts and souls, resonating the fabric of the sky to protect us all.

About three months later.

After the fierce battle, the waning moon looks down the world.

Another story begins…

The secret Japanese “Symphogear System” was exposed in a complex and political world, as public as an effective tool against `Noise` (registered anomalous disaster). The identities of our warriors remain classified.

Symphogear fighters participate in joint Japan-U.S. investigation. Their secret identities remain classified.

Tsubasa has a dream to sing on a stage, in a world where the dividing influence of `Noise` is completely ridden.

Chris hesitated, but gradually accepted human contact, getting used to the warm place provided for her.

Hibiki combined herself with a holy relic, becoming super human. She keeps helping people as her hobby.

The girls are busy living their separate lives when they are contacted to be a part of the team for this special mission.

Their mission is: delivering the perfect holy relic, “Sacrist S” to the U.S. Iwakuni army base. This object is the paramount investigation object of Anomalous disaster control agent and Federal Institutes of Sacrist.

The Japan and the U.S. coalition planned the perfect attack. The mission could be executed without any problems. But a new evil enemy was getting ready to attack from the shadows.

The `Pandora`s box` of Babylonia was opened. A cloud of Noise across spread across the land.

The singing girls voices boom resonant harmony through the world filled with destructive dissonant frequencies.

“It’s called Gungnir.” howled the super human Hibiki Tachiba.

The cloud of Noise rushed forward simultaneously..
The human figures and the sounds of their singing voices disappear, enveloped by the cloud.

New hope arrives, as the harmony of their soul songs resonate against the enemie’s noise.

(C) Project Symphogear G


【Broadcast Information】
This episode is scheduled
to broadcast on air from July 2013.

Mainichi Broadcasting system (MBS):
From 4th July
Every Thursday from 26: 35
Aichi Television Broadcasting (TBA)
From 4th July
Every Thursday from 27: 05
From 5th July
Every Friday from 23: 30
From 6th July
Every Saturday from 22: 30
Nico Nico Live:
From 7th July
Every Saturday from 23: 30


Original story:Noriyasu Agematsu,
Akifumi Kaneko
Director:Katsumi Ono
Series organization,
Script:Akifumi Kaneko
Original characters:Dan Yoshii
Animation character design,
chief animation supervisor:
Satoru Fujimoto
Chief animation supervisor:
Action director, Noise design:
Fumiaki Kouta
Main animator:Kouki Shikizi
Mechanical design:Taiga Hiroyuki,
Tomohiro Kawahara
Prop design:Kenichi Morioka
Future visual:Thomas Romain,
Bbrunet Stanislas, Vincent Nghiem
Art director:Takashi Nishimura
Color design:Aiko Shinohara
CGI chief designer:Tatsuro Sasaki
DoP:Atsushi Iwasaki
2D monitor:Jiro Kageyama
Special effects director:Kumiko Taniguchi
Editor:Go Sadamatsu
Sound director:Satoshi Motoyama
Music producer:Noriyasu Agematsu
Music:Elements Garden
Animation work:Satelight
Production:Project Symphogear G