One day in the distant future. Humans live shoulder to shoulder in “colonies” separated by rock.
Outside the colonies, a dangerous undeveloped area called “the Labyrinth” is expanding. Those who risk their lives to develop “the Labyrinth”, who mark out the undeveloped areas, are known as “Markers”.
A young girl, Memempu, who wants to be a Marker one day,and a man, Gagumber, who used to be one.
This mismatched father and daughter now take on the Labyrinth!

© SAKUGAN Project


Broadcast started in October 2021!

TOKYO MX:10/7 23:30~
MBS:10/9 27:08~
BS 11:10/7 23:30~


Drafting:Inui Nekotarou“Drilling Labyrinth Marker”(EVERYSTAR)
Original Work:Colony Congress
Director /Series Composition:Wada Junichi
Scriptwriter:Nagai Shingo, Mochizuki Mariko, Nemoto Toshizo
Character Drafting:Iwahara Yuji
Animated Character Design:Mochizuki Shunpei
Concept Design:Koda Kazuma
Monster Concept Design:Kawamori Shoji (Vector Vision)
Kaiju Mechanics Design:Taiga Hiroyuki
Mecha Design:Stanislas Brunet (Studio No Border)
Prop Design:Ishimoto Takahiro, Morioka Kenichi
Scenario Setting:Kawai Hiroyuki
Art Setting:Sakamoto Ryu (BIC·STUDIO)
Art Director:Oonishi Minoru (BIC·STUDIO)
Color Design:Hasegawa Miho (Hiyori)
Cinematographer:Shimura Tsuyoshi (T2studio)
Assistant Director:Mishio Tenpei
Editing:Matsumoto Shuji
3DCG Director:Goto Hiroyuki
2D Works:Nakamura Noriko
Sound Director:Kimura Eriko
Music:Kato Tatsuya
Radio script writer:Suwa Masaru
Sound Producer:Tohokushinsha
Music Producer:Lantis
Animation Producer:SATELIGHT
Produce:SAKUGAN Project