Rokudo’s Bad Girls


All heroines are bad! A victim of a bully becomes popular with only bad girls !
A non-stop violent girls’ love panic!!

Tosuke Rokudo, who gets bullied at Amori High School, a school full of bullies, thirsts for a peaceful school life.

One day, Rokudo receives a mysterious scroll from his supposed-late grandfather and obtains a mysterious power. It was an outrageous gift that granted "unconditional popularity with only bad girls" !

From girl-gangs, valley girls, to even gang leaders; these extraordinary characters somehow all transform themselves into quiet sweet little girls in front of Rokudo…!?

Stunned at first, these bad girls get timid Rokudo involved in many fights and cause many problems that allow him to gradually discover his hidden passion and masculinity.

Still far from an ideal quiet school life, surrounded by extraordinary bad girls and friends, miserable days are turned completely upside down. Now begins the story of an exceptional school battle of love panic!

©Yuji Nakamura(AKITASHOTEN)/Rokudo no Onna tachi COMMITTEE

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