Noein -to your other self-


One day during spring vacation, Haruka, who lives in Hakodate city in the northern part of Japan, sees a guy who is enveloped in resplendent blue snow above the steeple of the church. Karasu is one of a group known as the "Dragon Knights" and comes from "La'cryma space-time", which is one of the future worlds, each 15 years from the present. Yu is Haruka's childhood friend. Karasu is the same person as Yu, though 15 years in the future.

In the world fifteen years in the future, a violent battle takes place between two "time-spaces": La'cryma, trying to protect the human world with highly sophisticated science technology, and Shangri'la, having an intention to annihilate all space and time. Shangri'la has an overwhelming power so it is a matter of time that La'cryma will not be able to hold up against Shangri'la's continuous attacks.

The La'cryma HQ finds the existence of the "Dragon Torque", which is key to stopping Shangri'la's invasion. The La'cryma HQ decides to send the Dragon Knights to the world 15 years in the past in order to find it.

Now it is during summer vacation when Haruka is 12 years old. Unlike other children, Yu is forced to go to a cram school by his mother in order to pass a middle school entrance exam. Yu gets the blues by studying very hard. So, Haruka says to Yu, "If you want to run away from home, I'll go with you". Then, in front of them, a luminous blue snow falls again and Karasu appears. Haruka's neck starts shining softly. Karasu surprisingly mumbles, "The Dragon Torque…" Can Haruka, a girl who has the key to save the devastating future, change the future? What will Yu and Karasu decide?

The fate beyond time-space now begins to move.

(C)2005 Kazuki Akane / Satelight / Noein Production Committee


Aired from October 2005 to
March 2006. 24 Episodes


Original Story:Kazuki Akane/ Satelight
Directo:Kazuki Akane
Sub Director:Kenji Yasuda
Series Composition:Kazuki Akane,
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Script:Kazuki Akane,
Hiroshi Ohnogi,
Kazuharu Sato,
Hiroaki Kitajima,
Miya Asakawa  
Charactor Design:Takahiro Kishida
Concept Design:Junya Ishigaki,
Takeshi Takakura