Angelique -when a heart awakens-


The Queen commands space. The Holy Land where the Queen lives is in the center of space. There are nine "Guardian saints" who serve the Queen.

However, the general public believes that that is a legend or a fairly tale. The main character Enju, who lives in that kind of world, is suddenly selected as "legendary etoile" to save the space.

Enju is puzzled by the Holy Land and the guardian saints, which she previously believed was just a legend. She thinks about rejecting the offer because she has no confidence in herself, but one of the guardian saints tells her she should do what she can, and she decides to take the etoile job.

Can Enju save space as the etoile?

(C)KOEI Co.,Ltd. / Angelique Production Committee


Aired from July 2006 to
October 2006 13 episodes


Original Story:KOEI
Supervising editor:Ruby Party
Director:Susumu Kudo
Series Composition:Mitsuru Shimada
Character Design:Kairi Yura
Animation Character Design:
Mari Tominaga
Art Director:Toshiyuki Sakakieda
Director of Photography:Maki Ueda
Color Styling:Nanae Shinanji
Editing:Megumi Uchida
Sound Director:Hiromi Kikuta
Music:Hikaru Nanase