There are three main characters in this animation; First, there is Integra, a female head of the Hellsing family that exercises jurisdiction over the British Empire's royal religious chevaliers called "Hellsing Agency". Second, there is an immortal vampire Arcard, who gives obedience to Integra. Third, there is a former policewoman, Seras, who was recently made a vampire by Arcard.

The basic story follows that of Bram Stoker's work, which are vampires vs. vampire hunters. It centers on fights between the royal religious chevaliers and vampires & ghouls. However, although Arcard and Seras are themselves vampires, their job is to hunt vampires.

At the beginning of the story, the plot is limited to localized conflicts where the Hellsing Agency deals with frequent incidents by vampires, which occur in the British Empire. However, from the middle of the story, the behind-the-scenes mastermind becomes clear, and the story becomes complicated and develops into bloody fights between immoral armies.

The last battalion "Millennium", which is composed of Nazi remnants, appears. Leading the convoy composed of 1,000 vampires, the Millennium carries out an air raid on the Britain's mainland. The 9th Air Mobile Crusade belonging to the Ministry of the Vatican Pope joins the fight. London falls into the worst destruction and confusion since World War II.

(C)Kouta Hirano/Shonen-gahosha Co., Ltd./WILD GEESE


Original Video Animation
Released from 2006 to 2008


Based on the Manga:Kouta Hirano
Director:Tomokazu Tokoro
Sub Director:Hideki Tonomasa
Series Composition:Yosuke Kuroda
Script:Hideyuki Kurata,
Yosuke Kuroda
Charactor Design:Ryoji Nakamori