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  3. Macross Frontier the Movie -Itsuwari no Utahime- (False Diva)

Macross Frontier the Movie -Itsuwari no Utahime- (False Diva)

Macross Frontier the Movie -Itsuwari no Utahime- (False Diva)


The best live stage is about to begin… that charms the Galaxy…

No different dairy lives in a glass-covered emigration convoy…

In the year 2059, one young aspiring pilot; Alto Saotome feels locked out in the Galaxy emigration convoy; "Macross Frontier" that is trying to find a new world.

At that time, Sheryl Nome; No. 1 Diva in the Galaxy comes on a concert tour to the convoy.
Alto is there at the live hall together with a girl; Ranka Lee who adores Sheryl.

Suddenly the convoy gets on fire from the attack of the powerful insectoid biomechanical alien mecha; Vajra.
Alto gets into the most advanced Variable Fighter, VF-25 in order to protect the girls for safe.
Thrusting through the fire up front, they find the legendary "song" that would shake up the universe, and new "mysteries" behind the girls…


Original Story Shoji Kawamori / Studio Nue
Director Shoji Kawamori
Sub-director Yasuhito Kikuchi
Script Hiroyuki Yoshino / Shoji Kawamori
Character Design Risa Ebata / Yuichi Takahashi
Mechanical Design Junya Ishigaki / Takeshi Takakura
Valkyrie Design Shoji Kawamori
Mechanical Art Hidetaka Tenjin
CG Chief Director Hiroshi Yagishita
Color Styling Kumiko Nakayama
Art Director Syun-ichiro Yoshihara
Music Yoko Kanno


Premiered from November 21, 2009


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