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Gene Shaft

Gene Shaft


The last half of the 21st century.

The earthmen uncontrollably chased their desires and couldn't control them anymore. As a result, they wasted resources, destroyed the environment, were swung around by invalid theories, and fought and killed each other. In the end, the human race wasin danger of total destruction.

In order to avoid their destruction, they found a way to forcibly evolve themselves, which is to bring lives from programmed DNA and to control their personality and even inept ability. In other words, it is "Gene manipulation".

This choice was accelerated and the population balance rate was ideally kept men 1: women 9 under I. E. O (Earth Integrated Government). The society became stable by eliminating people's romantic feelings and controlling desire.
Herewith, in the 23rd century the perfect gene manipulated society was accomplished.


Original Story Satelight/Kazuki Akane
Director/Series Composition Kazuki Akane
Character Design Yasuhiro Oshima
Main Mechanical Design Takayuki Takeya
Mechanical Design Takeshi Kakakura


Aired from April 2001 to June 2001. 13 Episodes.


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