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  3. "KANADE Dance", a music video, is selected to premiere at "SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010"!!


"KANADE Dance", a music video, is selected to premiere at "SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010"!!

"KANADE DANCE", a music video produced by Satelight Inc, has been selected as one of the films to premiere at the Computer Animation Festival at "SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010", which is the Asian conference of the world's most famous CG exhibition, "SIGGRAPH".

"KANADE Dance" is a song from the album "2010" by the Japanese band Clammbon. By assigning HIBIKI as the art director on this project, Satelight was able to create the mood of the music, using an abundance of CG techniques cultivated from producing recent hit animation projects like "Macross Frontier" and "Basquash!". HIBIKI has been involved with these and other Satelight works in the past.

In addition to the know-how gained from previous productions, Satelight adapted a new production theory called "No Retakes", based on what the CG designers visualized as they originally listened to the music. The director of the video took out pieces of each designer's individual movie and edited the snippets together to create one grand world, a film composed of the imaginations of the various participating designers.

SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is the annual conference on computer graphics (CG) convened by the Association of Computing Machinery organization.

【About SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010】
・SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010  (Seoul, Korea)
・Dates:December 15 - 18, 2010 (Exhibition; 16- 18)
・Selected Work for the Computer Animation Festival:"KANADE Dance" by Satelight Inc.

Director: HIBIKI
Producer: Tomisaburo Hashimoto (Satelight)
Chief Designer: Kosuke Morino (Satelight)
Animation Production: Satelight Inc.
Music:Clammbon (Columbia Music Entertainment)

【About Satelight Inc】
Satelight Inc. is a Tokyo-based animation production company founded in 1995, and its business includes planning and production of 2D and 3DCG animations, contents rights business, contents investment, and overseas co-productions. Our animation titles include Earth Girl Arjuna ('01), Macross Zero ('02), Heat Guy J ('02), Hellsing ('06), Genesis of Aquarion ('07), Basquash! ('09), and Macross Frontier ('08~'10).


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