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  3. Announcements: Satelight announces an original Animation; “BASQUASH”


Announcements: Satelight announces an original Animation; “BASQUASH”

December 10, 2008

“Break the Rules!!”
Mega-hit creator of “Macross Frontier”, Shoji Kawamori’s new project is ready to move! With experienced creators and production team, we are to introduce you an original animation of a story about young kids revolutionize the world from the street of a planet called, Earth Dash with machines called, Big Foot.
French designers have joined as art directors, and we are ready to show you an overwhelming quality of unique characters.
The characters in the story wear the latest design of NIKE sneakers in the show.
Now their legend begins!

On Air from April 2009 on MBS/TBS

-Production Team-
Original Story by : Shoji Kawamori, Thomas Romain /Satelight
Project Director : Shoji Kawamori
Director : Shin Itagaki
Screenplay : Tatsuo Sato
Scenario : Yuko Kakihara, Yuka Enatsu
Character Design : Takahiro Yoshimatsu, SUEZEN, Kazuhiro Soeta
Mecha Concept Design/Art Director:Thomas Romain
Animation Production : Satelight

 Dan JD:Hiro Shimono
 Sera D Miranda: Shiguka Ito
 Iceman Hotty: Yuichi Nakamura
 Miyuki Ayukawa: Masumi Asano
 Coco JD: Kana Hanazawa


Official Website:http://basquash.com/








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