Company Info

Company Name SATELIGHT Inc.
Establishment Dec.1995
Address 【Head Office】Shin Tokyo Kaikan 2F, 1-34-6 Asagaya Minami,Suginami-ku,Tokyo 166-0004 Japan Tel. +81-3-5305-5890 Fax. +81-3-5929-0242 CONTACT
Capital 275,074,850 Yen
  • Representative Director Michiaki Sato
  • Executive Director Shoji Kawamori
  • Director Takashi Ohkubo
  • Auditor Toshiaki Ishiyama
Purpose of Business
  • Producing animations and operating its related business
Main Clients
  • King Records Co., Ltd.
  • Kodansha Ltd.
  • Sotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Dentsu Inc.
  • Nippon Television Network Corporation
  • Hakuhodo Incorporated
  • Bandai Co., Ltd.
  • Bandai Visual Co., Ltd.
  • Namco Bandai Games Inc.
  • Pony Canyon Inc.
  • Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

Company History

December 1995 Founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
April 1996 Produced the world's first fully digital TV series animation "Bit the Cupid".
June 1996 Accredited by the "Specific new business law" enforced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
April 1998 Founded a production studio in Tokyo (Narita Higashi, Suginami-ku).
January 2001 Announced an original animation "Earth Girl Arjuna".
April 2001 Announced an original animation "Gene Shaft".
September 2001 Became independent from B.U.G., Inc.
October 2002 Announced an original animation "Heat Guy J".
July 2003 Founded an office in Tokyo (Narita Higashi, Suginami-ku).
March 2004 "Macross Zero" received the outstanding award in the Original Video section of the Tokyo Anime Award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2004.
April 2004 Moved its Tokyo office and studios to Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
August 2004 Founded an editing studio in Tokyo (Narita Higashi, Suginami-ku).
April 2005 Announced an original animation "Genesis of Aquarion".
October 2005 Announced an original animation "Noein:to your other self".
August 2006 Relocated the head office from Hokkaido to Tokyo (Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku), and formed a capital alliance with SANKYO Co., Ltd in order to strengthen the company's financial and business position. Joined the SANKYO Group.
April 2007 Announced an original animation "Kissdum R - ENGAGE planet -".
October 2008 "Macross Frontier" received an award of Contents production staff at the 23rd Digital Contents Grand Prix.
December 2008 Announced an original animation "Basquash"
March 2009 "Macross Frontier" received an award of best TV animation at the 8th Tokyo Anime Award held at Tokyo International Anime Fair.
July 2009 "Macross Frontier" received the 40th Seiun Award (Japanese Science Fiction Award) of its Media division.
October 2009 Announced an original animation "CHANGE ZOORORING Zoo".
November 2010 "KANADE Dance" was selected to premier at Computer Animation Festival at Siggraph Asia 2010 (Seoul, Korea).
July 2011 "Macross Frontier the movie -Wings of Good-bye-" received a theatrical division of Kobe Animation Kobe Award.
August 2011 "Listen to our song! Superdimentional Divas Live!" was selected to premiere at Computer Animation Festival at Siggraph 2011 (Vancouver, Canada).
January 2012 Announced an original animation "Aquarion EVOL".








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